Uang Baru 1000 Rupiah

Tempat Wisata di Garut - Bank Indonesia (BI) Surabaya preparing a new paper money floating stock of USD 10 000 amounting to Rp15, 5 billion. While for the new coins Fractional USD 1000, BI Surabaya prepare worth USD 271 million.

Wisata Garut "Two pieces of these currencies already can be found in the office of the BI community or some designated banks to channel it," said Deputy Leader of BI Surabaya Payments Division, Mahmud, Tuesday (20 / 7).

He said that, two new fractions are fractions of the most widely used and requested the community, especially in the moments before the fasting and Idul Fitri. Each day, BI Surabaya limit the number of people who could exchange the new money as many as 250 persons. "That's the maximum capacity of energy exchange our money. Because in addition to the new exchange, we must also continue to serve the demand for the currency exchange is broken, "he said.

In addition to limiting the number of people in line, the BI also limit the amount of money that can be exchanged. Any fractional currency, USD 20 thousand, 10 thousand USD, USD 5 thousand, USD 2 thousand and USD 1 000 people could only be exchanged as many as a bundle or a number of 100 sheets. "We intentionally limit the distribution to be equitable," said Mahmud.

In addition to the BI office, the public can also get the new money floating coins in 25 offices serve targeted government and private banks in Surabaya, which has been designated. Banks were among BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI.

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Budi Rochadi guarantee the supply of coins floating USD 1000 in the latest emissions released since last Tuesday when the numbers will overflow Lebaran. Thus, the public does not need to fear or a long queue to get it.

Own BI plans to print the latest Rp1.000 fractional coins as much as 719 million copies.

"Now this has already been printed Peruri 300 million copies and is already deployed," said Budi, in the Office of Bank Indonesia Bandung, Tuesday (21 / 7).

For the new design banknotes 10,000, BI print 820 million slip this year. Currently, 120 million already scored Peruri slip. "We've asked Peruri. So later on when Lebaran no shortage of small money," he said.

10,000 banknotes of new design was ready for circulation to replace the old 10,000-year floating emissions in 2005 are reddish purple.

As reported yesterday Surabaya Post Tuesday, banknotes BI has released a new Rp 1,000 and 10,000 new metal in Bandung. 1000 new money briefly looked like pieces of USD 100 was created with the design of nuance Sundanese angklung with background Gedung Sate.

Acting Governor of BI Nasution said the election with a background motif angklung Sate Building in USD 1000 new coin is a form of cultural preservation. den

Distinctive New Fractional Currency USD 10 000

- There is a watermark is an image of National Hero II airfare and electrotype BI and ornaments in the form of logos Palembang area. Actually, the picture of Sultan of Palembang also been used in fractions 10 000 rupiah currency issued by Bank Indonesia on October 20, 2005.

- Other changes from the new 10,000 banknote is:
* Additional security elements in rainbow printing pentagon-shaped area which has the effect of changing colors (rainbow effect) when seen from a certain standpoint, the main image on the right side.

* Additional form design circles a small red and white in the center that is located on the right hand spread out the main image.

* Change the code in the form of a single blind circle all the invisible becomes visible and feels rough when touched (intaglio print), located on the right side of the main image.

* Replacement ink changes color (optical variable ink) octagonal form that change color from green to blue, when seen from different viewpoints, the BI logo design within the frame-shaped ornament Palembang area and does not change colors (offset printing), located at bottom right hand side of money.

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